Pachmarhi also called the” Queen of Satpura” is a hill station in Madhya Pradesh replete with flora & fauna to a naturalists liking. The place is not yet highly commercialized & has been a honeymooner’s paradise for the newlyweds of MP & Maharashtra.


What is the Flora & Fauna found in Pachmarhi?

I visited  Pachmarhi after appx 22 years & even though there have been some administrative changes , the place is still abound with acres of jungles of Sal & Sagaun, variety of birds flocking the woods – peacocks, woodpecker, greater racket-tailed drongo, wild cocks etc. We found the woodpecker & the racket tailed drongo working in unison – the woodpecker dug the tree trunks with its beak to loosen the insects & the racket tailed drongo immediately ate up all the leftover insects that fell from the tree trunks.

Greater racket-tailed drongo found in dense forest of Pachmarhi

It is very heartening to see that the local population has a very good knowledge about the medicinal benefits of the plants & herbs found there. They are well versed with the theory of co- existence. They encounter wild animals every now & then & know how to carry themselves without harming them .

The Landscape

Apsara Vihar

The place boasts of tigers, bisons, Neel gay, Sambhar, Bears, giant squirrel, Big Indian hare, leopards etc.  As per 2005 census, there were 22 tigers in the area which are now estimated to increase to appx 42 . Teams of forest officers & conservationists are working in the biosphere to protect the flora & fauna. No one is allowed to take any kind of wood, herbs , honey , trees etc from the biosphere. The place is home to Ayurvedic medicines mainly Shilajeet, Chirayata – an overly bitter plant which helps cure nearly all ills. The local population uses it for curing regular illnesses. A tree which when used on burns heals not only the wound but removes the burn marks also. Botanist visit Pachmarhi to learn about the various varieties of flora & the government organizes special treks for the students.

The whole belt is full of mountainous landscape the lower part being the igneous rock which might have come out from the lava of a volcano. The upper surface has sedimentary rocks. Looking at the rocks you feel that the land has been pushed up from under the water several million years ago.


Which Waterfall is near Apsara Vihar?

The land is blessed with Shiv temples – Mahadev, Jatashankar, Gupt Mahadev with folklores going back to centuries . There are some very beautiful waterfalls – B-falls (named after the bees found there), Duchess falls, Silver falls , Satdhara falls & the place is a trekkers delight.

For our trek we went to Apsara Vihar which ultimately culminates in the Silver Falls. It was a distance of appx 3kms downhill with a stream flowing at the centre. Depending on the mood of the stream it got deep or shallow at different places giving life to the trees & animals along the way. Since we could not find many animals on our safari a day before, I asked my guide if we would see any animals on our trek & he politely asked me to pray not to encounter any animals during the trek as bears, bisons, leopards & tigers are  seen frequenting the place.


It was a happening trek as we moved downward in the valley sans any equipment & at times had to sit & slide down as the landing was too deep. At one point we were stuck as the stream had become wide & deep & there was no way to move further along the stream. We had to climb up a rock which was double my height. Our guide went first & was standing atop. I was the next to go, my husband helping me, holding me & pushing me lest I fall into the water below.   The guide dangled his leather belt for me to hold it & climb as the rock was steep & it was difficult to find a foothold.

Silver falls - Pachmarhi

How was the Trek at Pachmarhi?

That's us

At other time we had to slide down a rock again nearly 10 ft , only that the slide down ended in water & to reach safely we had to jump while sliding. With joint efforts all landed safely.  The guide was a strong box of knowledge complete with survival skills, the herbs & vegetation in the jungle. He could identify the squeal of the giant squirrel, the woodpeckers & the drongos.

The steep rock face frequently found in the hills of Pachmarhi
The trekkers finding their way through rhick vegetation in Pachmarhi

All in all a fun filled trip. MP tourism has very beautiful hotels in Pachmarhi & they are promoting the place while maintaining its exclusivity.

Best part of the trek was that we were only 3 people in the wild without any human interference in the lap of nature, loving it all through. With our busy , techno – dominating city lives it was a breath of fresh air, rejuvenating our senses . We returned promising ourselves to treat ourselves to this virgin country more often & to be one with nature.

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