With change in algorithms across platforms & introduction of new features let’s see what will be trending this year.

Lets touch upon the basics for ease of understanding. The major components of digital marketing are – SEARCH  & SOCIAL.

Search has a high intent hence a higher rate of conversion. When a user is actively looking for something &  searches the net – it is S-E-A-R-C-H.

Social on the other hand is to promote goods and services to the target customers by use of branding, showcasing & in turn developing a community to buy  goods and services.

Both Search and Social have their importance & cannot be ignored.

We are expecting following trends  in SEARCH

1.  Quora marketing- It is a powerful Q & A platform & business owners are advised to answer questions of your niche to make your brand visible & attract traffic to your website through this platform which has a user base of appx 300 million.

2.  People also ask – Utilize this Google feature while designing your website. You get this when you type your search query on Google.  Answer these questions specific to your domain in your FAQ’s.  It will help in increasing traffic.

3.  Vernacular SEO – With 90% of the population using mobile, a huge market has opened up for businesses.  Since not everybody is conversant with English Vernacular SEO is going to rule the roost. Design your website so as to cater to regional markets in regional languages. There is far too less competition here & huge potential.

4.  Voice Search- Research shows that  55% of American teenagers talk to their phones rather than typing on it. India can not be far behind as far as laziness index of teens go. Prepare & develop websites for Voice search compatibility.

5.  Hyper local SEO – This is Google My Business.  Please use this feature if you have not yet done.  It is free. Update all  relevant business information like Address, working hours, contact details, social media handles, location, Services etc so that customers can find you easily.

6. Chatbots – The AI driven chatbots  are very intelligent & can respond & store leads even while you are asleep.  Invest in chatbots if your website is already having a decent traffic & let the bot generate some leads for you while you are away.

7. Pop ups – Customized Pop-ups can be utilized based on the stage of the buyer’s journey through the funnel. A first time user can be directed towards the products & services. A person who has frequently visited your site looking for something specific can be offered a special discount with a deadline to buy within an hour or so.

Hope this information is useful for you.

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Thanks for reading.

Anuradha Dutta

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